Why Recruiters Matter

16 Apr

Why Recruiters Matter



Every now and again you may find yourself in need of a new employee Not just any employee, an all-star, top level, can-do-it-all employee who has bright ideas and a keen interest in working for you. Above all, they have the previous experience necessary and possess an ever-growing roster of skills and tools. Now comes the tricky part, how do you even find said individual? That’s where INCITE comes in; pairing these two wants is what we do best. Need more convincing?

Here’s 3 reasons why you should hire INCITE 

1) Subject matter experts: You can’t tackle it all everyday all day
You and your company offer a service that you are subject matter experts on, It’s that specific knowledge and streamlined expertise that you sell. What INCITE offers is our own brand of knowledge.

2) We offer something invaluable, time. 
This one is pretty cut and dry, and something we all we understand. Time we all wish we had more of it. As a business owner, your arms are being pulled in a million different directions and you might not have the time to vet every candidate. As a result, you likely will not get the results you were searching for. That’s where we come in. We take the time to thoroughly vet every potential candidate and ensure that only the cream of the crop is entering your office. We get you that perfect employee, no matter what.

3) We know our A.B.C’s- Always Be Closing
It’s not good enough to attract quality candidates, you have to hook them and close the deal. If you’re going after the best you better believe someone else it too. Counter-offers, personal considerations and compressed time frames are all obstacles to having the contract printed and signed. We know how to close these deals smoothly and with a competitive edge. A third party, such as INCITE, also leads to more honest and fruitful pairings. A candidate won’t be afraid to tell us what it takes to close that deal and vice versa to ensure the best possible start to the working relationship.

Be proactive about your hires the way you are about your business. Hiring a INCITE means hiring an expert who will save you time and close the deal leaving you with more energy to focus on strengthening your business, new all-star employee in tow.


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